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All Paul wanted was to be an actor on Guiding Light,

but when the 72-year-old soap opera got canceled,

his life got a little misguided.


Cast & Crew

MISGUIDED Part I (Episodes 1-5) features:

Paul Gosselin, Ivet Corvea, Melissa Claire Egan*, Stephanie Gatschet,

Katy Jacoby, Chuck Saculla & Chrishell Stause

MISGUIDED Part II (Episodes 6-10) features:

Paul Gosselin, Meagan Campbell, Jean Carol, Ivet Corvea, Oliver Nathaniel Evans, Stephanie Gatschet, Crystal Hunt, Christopher Robert Smith, and

Jacklyn Zeman+.

MISGUIDED Part III (Episodes 11-16) features:

Paul Gosselin, Jean Carol, Ivet Corvea, Stephanie Gatschet, Justin Klosky, Cynthia Watros** and Jacklyn Zeman**.

Written & Directed by Paul Gosselin

Director of Photography by Robin Roemer

with production assistance from Christina Bly, Alexis Bonin, Erica Castillo, Christina Gan, Selina Ruthe & Carly Usdin

*   Indie Series Award nominee: Melissa Claire Egan, Guest Actress - Comedy

+   Indie Series Award nominee: Jacklyn Zeman, Supporting Actress - Comedy

** Indie Series Award nominee: Cynthia Watros, Guest Actress - Drama

** Indie Series Award nominee: Jacklyn Zeman, Supporting Actress - Drama

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